Wedding shoes for sale! (SOLD)

I’m probably never going to find another occasion to wear my blingy wedding shoes, so rather than let them die a lonely death in some dark corner in my room, I am going to do the sensible thing and pass them on to someone who needs them so that they can live a life fulfilled.

I posted this pic of the shoes on my Instagram (which Farhana so kindly reposted — thank you babe!), but I thought I’d just post it again here:

Steve Madden Deeva Champagne Multi

Steve Madden Deevaa Champagne Multi
– Size: 7
– Heel height: approximately 6″
– Platform height: 2″
– Retails at $280, but selling for $180 (negotiable!)
– Comes with the original shoe box and a lil’ pack of extra diamantes in case any of the existing ones fall off with use

I think you’d be able to wear this even if you’re a 6 or 6.5 because the front part is a little narrow. I’m a 7, and I was even contemplating to get an 8 just coz I personally like my shoes roomier. 7.5 for me would’ve been ideal, but they didn’t come in 0.5 sizes.

The model says “champagne” but to me it’s really more silver….okay, perhaps with a tinge of champagne. Actually it’s kinda hard to ascertain the exact colour coz it’s one of those things that changes colour under different lights. But because of this it does become a versatile piece that you can pair with virtually any colour.

Here’s what it looks like on some other websites:

Steve Madden Deeva Champagne Multi

Looks less champagne here under white light

I’m generally not a heels kinda girl, so when I was shopping around for wedding shoes for these unconditioned feet of mine, I had to make sure they were:

  1. comfortable
  2. easy to walk in
  3. yet of substantial height and look stunning

Not the easiest of combinations to find, but thankfully I found these babies! I only started to wince after having to walk here and there for our mini photoshoot with Fadly at the end of the day. The 2″ platforms really helped. Anyway, you girls who’re already used to heels shouldn’t even have to bat an eyelid.

So comment or email me if you’re interested! You can swing by my place in Woodlands to try the shoes first before deciding whether or not to buy them — no obligations at all. :)

Hurry hurry before it’s gone!