Of macaron towers.

So I’ve accomplished a couple of things since I last hit the panic button in this post.

Confirming who would do our “wedding cake” was one of them!

A wedding cake, to me, was something I could do without — up until the moment I saw a decadent macaron tower in the display windows of Canelé one day. Ever since then, I’ve been pretty adamant about having a macaron tower like this at my wedding:

A Jean-Paul Hévin macaron tower
Source: Archangeli on Flickr

Sweet Merveilles

One vendor who does macaron towers like these is Sweet Merveilles. They make pretty impressive cakes as well. This was their latest macaron tower, taken from their Facebook page:

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Design-wise, it isn’t really my style though. I got to taste their macarons at the 2011 Jentayu Gallery Exhibition and I thought they were really good. But when I returned again for the 2012 exhibition, they were sort of so-so. Don’t know about now, though.

Ola Lola

Another vendor who’s recently taken to offering macaron towers, as many of you would know by now, is none other than Ola Lola:

Ola Lola macaron tower

Source: Ola Lola

A different kind of macaron tower, but a macaron tower nonetheless. The macarons, as you can see, are arranged on a macaron stand, instead of being attached to a cone structure like the first two macaron towers.

I still prefer the other type of tower, but I’m definitely digging the look — classic chic. I haven’t personally tried Ola Lola’s macarons and I guess it would’ve been easier for me to engage them to cut down on the number of vendors I have to liaise with since they’re also doing my gift trays, but they’ll be on a break from business in October. They’ve already graciously agreed to do my gift trays, so I thought I wouldn’t pursue this one.

Bisous À Toi

So I turned to Bisous À Toi. Kak Rima, the marvel behind Bisous À Toi, is somewhat of a dessert connoisseur in my eyes. Just take a look at her blog and you’ll see what I mean. Her desserts always look so exquisite, even if it’s just a cupcake. She really has an eye for detail as you’ll see in her photography. I guess being well-travelled helps!

She takes orders for macarons and other cakes, and always seems to have a steady stream of customers. I ordered some macarons from her to try last year and I understood then why she has so many customers! They were deeelicious! I asked if she could do a macaron tower like the Jean-Paul Hévin one above, but she advised me that there’s always a risk of the outer shell of the macaron sliding off when the temperature of the surrounding air rises, causing the filling to melt.

I guess she wasn’t comfortable with taking the chance, so she suggested using a macaron stand, which is what Ola Lola uses as well.

With a heart that weighed a tonne, I took up her suggestion. I really wanted the other tower! To me the acrylic tower looks a little less pretty but yes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We wouldn’t want an avalanche of 200 odd macarons, would we now? Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind getting caught in that avalanche….just not during my wedding.

As for the base, I’m currently looking for a slab of tree bark, much like this:

Source: Ruffled Blog

Source: Ruffled Blog

It would go sooooo fabulously with my woodland theme! I’ve already got a couple of ideas where I can start looking: carpenters, firewood suppliers, timber suppliers. Let’s see whether they will even entertain this bride-to-be’s request for a meagre slab of wood….