Feeling like a fat sack of bad potatoes.

The double digit countdown has begun, much to my horror.

It’s quite sad to think that I’m not looking forward to my own wedding! I mean I’m looking forward to life after marriage, but thinking about how much there is left to do makes me want to delay it.

I never really could understand how some married couples can remark they wish they’d gone for a simpler ceremony. I always thought to myself, but it’s your wedding! Now I understand why.

It’s really tough juggling work and wedding preparations. It truly, really is. I’ve had so many things thrown on my plate at work that I come home so mentally drained almost every other day. And to have issues crop up in the preparations one after another is way more than I can handle — and I’m feeling and seeing the side effects.

I feel sluggish and unhealthy, my monthly cycle is screwed up, my skin looks horrible — and I’m still not at my desired weight! At the rate this is going, I’ll be the poorest excuse for a bride anyone’s ever seen.

The Engagement: The Hiccups

Alhamdulillah, everything went quite smoothly on the 26th of October 2011…except one thing.


I’m still quite sore about it. Nevermind the lashes, I should’ve at least remembered to put on some mascara. Naked eyelashes are like totally unacceptable.

Before I get into the details of the engagement, I have to blog about the two potential heart attack inducing scares I had the night before!

There was a MAJOR miscommunication between my then boyfriend (now fiancĂ©…chey!) and I. Remember in my previous post I said I was going to collect my outfit and get some things? Well he accompanied me, and while we were browsing at Sephora, he casually told me, “Eh so tomorrow after Asar, right? We’ll probably reach your place at about 4 plus.”

My eyes widened in shock. AFTER ASAR? Wasn’t it supposed to be after Zuhur? I’d already told my parents we could expect his party to arrive at about 2 plus. That’s like a difference of about 2 hours, and our guests would have to be made to wait! For him, after Zuhur was the time he was expecting guests to arrive at his place for the kenduri! Die, how like that?

After a few phonecalls here and there, we managed to come to a compromise. They earliest they could leave their place was 3pm, so we could expect them to arrive at about 3.30pm.


Although we managed to come to a resolve, I was left a little shaken. How did we manage to screw up something as basic as the timing? It is, after all, one of the most important factors of an event. All along we just assumed we were on the same page. Initially it was indeed after Zuhur, but because the idea of the kenduri came up, it was apparently pushed to after Asar. I don’t remember him telling me of the change in timing, but the fact that we didn’t go over these details over again doesn’t let me off the hook, either. Lesson learnt there.

Second scare: things ended up with my tailor’s brother having to send my outfit to my doorstep at the stroke of midnight! Well technically he arrived at 11pm, but just to illustrate the sheer last-minuteness of it all, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference had he arrived at midnight.

I still don’t know what happened. Whether they forgot my order, or whether they were so swamped they couldn’t get my outfit done in time, or whether there was an irresponsible staff somewhere along the line who for some reason couldn’t get my outfit to the shop…is anyone’s guess. I’m still pissed that they weren’t transparent about it, and that they didn’t have the decency to at least sound apologetic.

My kaftan’s inner garment could do with a little more alteration. The sleeves fell a little short and the neckline was a little too low. Overall, I just didn’t feel as comfortable in it as I would’ve liked. But obviously it was too late to do anything, so I settled. I shudder to think if it actually needed some real work. If that really were the case, I imagine things would’ve ended up in blood. Seriously.

I don’t know why I ALWAYS have horrible experiences with tailors! If you have a good tailor who charges reasonably, I am literally begging you to save me from this tailoring hell! To think she had wanted to charge a whopping $120 for a simple one piece inner garment. Hell, even the $80 I paid was unjust.

It wouldn’t be quite right if I blogged about the hiccups in the same entry as the happy stuff, so look for the continuation in another entry!

Don’t take for granted the small things you think you know, especially nearing the day. Remember to update the relevant parties of any changes. Check every now and then that everyone has the same understanding of what’s happening.