Quite honestly, the hardest to write out of the whole blog.

Not because there’s nothing to say, but quite the contrary. And because only a beautiful prose could describe what this is all about, if a prose could describe it at all.

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4 Comments on “About”

  1. Neeta Rai says:

    Hi dear, ive got a BTO at Costa Ris as well. Mind sharing the facebook page u mentioned please?!

    • aida says:

      Hi future neighbour!

      You can search in facebook under “Costa Ris ( Pasir Ris BTO )”. There’s another one simply called “Costa Ris”, but it’s not as active as the first one. See you there! :)

  2. Yatie says:

    salams aida! hey… it’s yatie here, from screenbox. im not sure if you remember who, but the one who was always to climb that God-forsaken stairways to “heaven” for a bowl of mee soto at the telok blangah hawker centre for lunch. well, enough motivation to actually bump into the makcik’s cute son.

    but omg, its turning out to be a very bizarre night. what are the chances that I stumble upon your blog as I google the keywords “dulang hantaran”. hahahaha.

    i digress. congratulations on your engagement! the headline entry “Im a Bridezilla, hear me roar!”. ya mannnn… as judgemental as I may seem, but a headline like that!!! hahahaha.

    hope all your preps are going well, my dear bridezilla aida. and now i shall return to the mundane scriptwriting that i had set out to do, before your blog had got me distracted. =)

    • aida says:

      Omg the world just got smaller. Of course I remember you, Yatie! That wasn’t very long ago and we are still young, you know.

      And why are you googling “dulang hantaran”? Are you getting hitched too?

      Anyway thanks! A little embarrassed someone I know has actually stumbled upon my blog. Now it’s just making me wonder who else is just silently reading my silly posts….. LOL.

      Hope you’re doing great, Yatie! :)

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