To-do list

  1. Shop for gift tray items this Christmas season.
  2. Purchase his wedding band.
  3. Book slot for marriage preparation course.
  4. Set an appointment with tableware rental company.
  5. Make booking with catering company.
  6. Get quotes for guestbook services.
  7. File application for marriage on ROMM website on 29 May 2013.
  8. Decide on nikah venue.
  9. Buy a new bed.
  10. Make a trip down to Arab Street to get materials for family members.
  11. Get nikah favours.
  12. Make appointment with FM for MTM evening dress and outfit selection. (July)
  13. Book caterer for nikah. (July)
  14. Design wedding invites. (July)
  15. Book bridal bouquet. (July)
  16. Enquire on bantal nikah. (July)
  17. Do up my room. (August)
  18. Tailor outfits for family members. (August)
  19. Go down to ROMM with Dad and Faz for interview. (August)
  20. Book transport to venue. (August)
  21. Get back to Ola Lola on colour theme for gift trays. (September)
  22. Schedule food tasting session with CJS. (September)
  23. Get reception favours. (September)
  24. Make a trip down to mosque to figure out layout. (September)
  25. Finalise itinerary for Friday and Saturday. (September)
  26. Compile songlist for entertainment. (September)
  27. Decide what to do with 2 42″ LCD TVs. (September)
  28. Buy wedding shoes and other accessories. (October)
  29. Buy travel insurance for honeymoon (October)
  30. Shop gift tray items
    From him to her:
    1. Wedding band (mahr), duit hantaran
    2. Telekung
    3. Quran
    4. Bag
    5. Aviator sunglasses
    6. Camera, shoes
    From her to him:
    1. Wedding band
    2. Jubah
    3. Quran
    4. Wayfarer sunglasses, shirts
    5. Watch
    6. Shoes

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