Our wedding in motion.

Aaaaand here are the videos!

The Nikah

The Orchidville Reception

So much love! <3

9 Comments on “Our wedding in motion.”

  1. Alaa laaa laaa so manis you. :)

  2. nhanazaim88 says:


    Can I know who’s the mastermind behind the nikah and sanding videos?

    • aida says:

      Salam and hello! The mastermind behind the videos is the very talented Fadzil from Videosmith. He was previously from Rolling Frames photography. You can look up Videosmith on Facebook. :)

      • nhanazaim88 says:

        Got it! Thanks so much :) I have one more to ask about, The Wedding Chateau. Can you provide me with the rough quotation that you had? Because your wedding color scheme and deco is almost exactly what I have envisioned for mine! So before I contact the vendor myself, I’d like to be informed of their rates from their past clients before hand! If that’s not much trouble for you. You can email me at nhanazaim88@yahoo.com

        I would appreciate it very much! Thank you!

  3. Lily Sam says:

    I cried buckets looking at the nikah video. It was sooo full of love and you looked radiantly beautiful.

    Love the kadi too.

    • aida says:

      Aww thank you! I always cry watching other people’s videos, but never my own…don’t know why! Also, congratulations dear on your engagement! Love your makeup and outfit! I’m sure you’re already getting down to the preparations, so all the best and may the journey be a smooth one. :)

  4. nurfa says:

    The video.is soooo beautiful. And ur soooo georgeous.. who frm fatimah mohsin did ur andaman may i know? this is pretteeh!!!

    • aida says:

      Aww alhamdulillah, thank you for the kind words! I got the fantabulous Fatimah Mohsin herself to do my makeup, except for the evening look during my Orchidville reception. The mak andam assigned to me, Cik Ayu (who took care of me VERY well), touched up my makeup to give me a different look. :)

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