Eight days.

Ugh, just look at the cobwebs in here.

Before I start my (rather lengthy) entry, let me just point out that my countdown ticker on the right hasn’t been working and it has tricked me a couple of times into thinking I had more time. I am in fact just EIGHT short days away from the most momentous day in my life!

I really wish I had the time and energy to regularly check in here and share my progress, excitement and stress with everyone but both Faz and I have been stretched to our limits these couple of months, juggling mostly work and wedding preps. It finally came to a point where I decided we really needed help. So last month we made our smartest decision yet: hire a wedding planner to take over the reins! I guess we could’ve chosen to slog it out till the end, but between keeping my money and keeping my sanity, I choose my sanity, thank you.

I followed up on my two-year-old email enquiry to Kak Roslina Juri of Mahligai Asmara (a service of Wedding & Romance) and asked her (perhaps a little too desperately) if she would be available to take over our remaining preparations. It was a close call because she was going to be coordinating another wedding the day after ours, but was alhamdulillah available on our date!

Engaging Kak Ros has taken a considerable amount of stress off our shoulders, but it hasn’t eliminated it entirely. There still are things that Kak Ros couldn’t help me with, for example, my guest list woes, my DIY projects and the sorry state of my pimple-ridden face quite possibly due to an adverse reaction from a Depo-Provera shot (ain’t having kids for at least a year, so please don’t go asking me when there’ll be a bun baking in the oven), and stress from wedding planning as well.

Guest list saga
I managed to put an end to the guest list saga (my second worst challenge after our venue change) not because my parents relented, but because I decided that if I didn’t quit policing the numbers, my heart would eventually beat out of my chest. It was a long and hard battle, and I wasn’t winning, so I let them have their way.

Yes, they’re paying for the food and anything associated with the extra headcount (e.g. favours), but the reason I’m fretting is because I want them to save their money as much as possible. I want to make sure the people they were inviting really meant something to them — I didn’t want them spending their hard-earned money on people they weren’t really that close to but felt obliged to invite just because they didn’t want to hurt their feelings. They say their intention is to “kasi orang makan” and that the rezeki will come back, but surely there should be a line drawn somewhere and a balance maintained?

Wedding favours
My dear aunts and cousins rendered their help last Saturday and we packed the travel sajadahs for my nikah event. Since the number of guests had increased, we didn’t have enough. I managed to get a couple more pieces from Kak Liza of Xquizyte Favors but they didn’t suffice. Then my mom managed to snag some real cheap “sajadah kepala” at $.150/piece at Toko Warisan Joo Chiat Complex, so that got it settled.

My mom and aunts hard at work. Such focus is admirable — no time to even look at the camera!

We finished DIY-ing 200 pieces of kids’ favours for the Saturday reception as well and I’m LOVING how they turned out. Super cute!

My cousins and I

If you remember, I initially wanted to give loose tea as favours for our adult guests but try as I might, all the options I found and liked were a bit too expensive for something that would only last several sips. I’ve always wanted to give favours people would keep and actually use over and over again. My mom happens to be big on the environment and her planet-saving efforts have inevitably rubbed off on me, so I thought it would be a great idea to give reusable canvas totes as favours!

I designed the artwork and got CorporateGift Master to supply and silkscreen the bags. Delivery was on Tuesday, and I’m mighty pleased with the bags! Work is still in progress for its presentation — the bags will be folded and tied with jute twine to make it look like a cute lil’ parcel, and a brown kraft thank you tag will be attached to it. I have 720 pieces of these to do and for this, I’ll be seeking the help of my little elves (but don’t tell my siblings I called them that — my brother threatened to go on strike!).

I feel very tempted to post actual pictures, but I shall refrain till after the wedding to keep the surprise factor. But here’s a sneak peek:

Jute and kraft. My kinda thing.

Another thing that I didn’t plan on doing but will be doing is the bunga rampai. I personally don’t care much for bunga rampai but my godmother feels I should have it. She’s helped my mother and I a great deal with the preparations, and I feel it’s only right that I accede to her small request. We’ll be DIY-ing this as well.

Generous sponsorships
In other news, I’ve had some very generous wedding gifts from my dear girlfriends! Shima sponsored part of my huge Ikea loot for my bedroom decor, Rina is sponsoring one of my bridal bouquets, Su and Seri were so afraid that I wouldn’t make for a glowing bride on the dais because I wasn’t having henna done that they’ve sponsored a session by SyraSkins, leaving me with no choice, really.

On one hand, I feel really touched and appreciative of their sweet gesture, but on the other, I don’t know if I should feel insulted because…what, my face alone cannot make it that I need henna, is it? Lol.

My dad’s BFF, who happens to be Another Accidental Bride‘s dad (they’ve been our family friends for yonks and we’ve seen each other grow up — can’t wait for your big day Aisyah!) has also offered to use his car, since we gave up ours, as the wedding car and on top of that offered to get it decorated!

I truly am humbled by all the kind gifts. Thank you so much!

Other updates
I got a call from FM early last week saying my made-to-measure dress was ready and because they were in the midst of moving, they advised that I should come on that day itself, so I took an emergency half-day off from work. The anxiety to see how the dress turned out was unimaginable. To be honest, when I saw them take out the dress, I wasn’t that impressed. But when I tried it on, it was a totally different experience. The dress was so me and I loved it! But having said that, there were still some kinks that needed to be ironed out. I sure hope they can get it done in time for the final fitting next week.

If there was a tip I could give on choosing your bridal outfits, it would be to try on as many dresses as you can. I remember seeing a couple of gorgeous looking dresses on the rack, but when I tried them on, they didn’t look as good on me as the simpler looking ones. So really, don’t judge a dress till you’ve tried it!

Kak Ros came by on Sunday to brief my family on the itinerary and layout. So far so good, but one of the major concerns is the weather on our Saturday reception at Orchidville (our venue will be partly unsheltered). There will be a frickin’ thunderstorm on the day according to the weather forecast(!!) but God is greater than some ol’ weather forecast, so I choose to keep my hopes up.

Discussing the wedding itinerary with Kak Ros.

I’ve written a draft on Orchidville as our replacement for Grassroots Club and some of the other venues I considered, but I reckon it’s all mouldy now since it’s been sitting there for ages. I’ve been meaning to insert photos but it just seemed like too much work so I always get put off from doing it.

I promise it’ll be up…..eventually. Lol.

Well then, that’s all I can afford to blog about for now. Wish me luck!

22 Comments on “Eight days.”

  1. farnamals says:

    exciting stuff! so great to see your preparations are moving on well and good and very happy to hear that kak ros is helping you with the remaining preparations. i’ve met and corresponded with her a few times and she has been so kind and so nice on all occasions.

    all the best for the remaining journey, enjoy yourself and i hope that everything will run smoothly and magically on your wedding day!

    • aida says:

      Yes, having Kak Ros is superb — I can finally breathe again! Omg after years of planning, it’s finally coming to fruition. Is it surreal or what! Thanks, I wish the same for you too Farhana. May this day be everything we’ve dreamed of and more! :)

  2. ruzannaa says:

    advance congratulations, gorgeous! hope everything goes well as planned, and may Allah swt shower and bless your marriage (+wedding) with lots of barakah, sakinah and mawaddah.

    cant wait to see your gorgeous self on FM’s insta and FB!! :D

    (i commented earlier but seems WP ate my comment HAHAHAHA)

    • aida says:

      Aw thanks so much Rina for the awesome du’a. Means a lot! :) Haha they might not even post anything lor, which may be a good thing coz I is very shy!

  3. eleventhoctober says:

    wah it’s coming and fast! congratulations in advance to you, doll! and i agree with rina…you are beautiful! i did a doubletake on your photo above in the green top. hahahah stalker eh? :/

    and i’ve never really worked with kak ros before but i’ve had the fortune to liaise with her for some things, she does come off as super nice and highly competent so i wouldn’t worry so much with her around :)

    post photos soon! don’t keep us all in suspense for too long lah…hahaha

    • aida says:

      Why, thank you ILI! I must be the last person to know you’ve finally revealed your name and pretty face! Looking forward to more of your posts with pics! Haha look who’s the stalker now…

      Yes Kak Ros is super approachable, and now that my wedding is over, I can attest that she is indeed highly competent. I didn’t have to worry about a thing that day. :)

      Yes yes more photos coming right up!

  4. isyaemika says:

    no problem babe! i’ve dealt with the car decoration vendor one so she’s reliable. hope it turns out well! and YAY YAY can’t wait for your wedding, 5 more daysssss

    • aida says:

      It was indeed super pretty, a million thanks to your family! And glad to see the entire family plus Helmi at the wedding, hope you enjoyed yourselves! :)

  5. E. says:

    Lovee the idea of having reusable canvas totes as favours! Best wishes for the upcoming wedding! :)

  6. All the best for your wedding babe! May everything run smoothly and may the two of you be blessed with abundance and joy thereafter!! :D

  7. SH says:

    Hi Aida. You really gave me ideas on what to give as berkat. Really love them. Would be possible to share the quotations for those canvas totes? Email me if you can. And congratulations! Mad love for your baju and you look truly beautiful.

  8. nadia says:

    hi there! beautiful wedding! looking forward to your next post :)

    anyways, do you mind sharing with me the quotation of the canvas totes and where you got the tags from?

    thank you! hope this is not too late, but congratulations on your wedding :)

  9. Aynie says:

    Salam sis, congratulations on yr wedding! Chanced upon yr blog and I saw you had yr wedding done at Orchidville. Didnt know there was such a venue (lol) and I was wondering if you mind sharing the rental costs? :) Thanks babe!

  10. Ms S says:

    Hi dear I remembered stalking ur wedding # and kept showing to my friend of how beautiful the wedding was (bride inclusive of cos), and only today I discovered ur blog. Hope its not too late to congratulate you dear..

    And I’m just wondering if u could share with me the quotation for the totes? Also, if you know of any tea suppliers here. Thanks dear

  11. nur says:

    Hi love! May i know where can i customized kraft tags in bulk..something simillar as urs..

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