The whole world is attending my wedding!


Pardon my liberal use of the word “also” — I wasn’t thinking, I was seething. And trying not to sound rude.

The parents have started verbally inviting people to the wedding, and recently while we were out Eid visiting, Dad invited a friend who was on the agreed guestlist, but then without any remorse whatsoever, proceeded to invite the said friend’s mother and sister as well!


Our guestlist has to date gone through numerous rounds of changes and I thought with the latest version we had finally come to an agreement. WELL, I THOUGHT WRONG!

Yesterday when we sat down to look at the guestlist to calculate how many cards he’d need, he added back the guests that we previously agreed to take off from the list!

I’m just SO, VERY FRUSTRATED because:

  1. Our venue is small. (Yes, we finally have a replacement venue — will blog about it soon.)
  2. It’s a combined wedding — we simply have to stick to our quota because otherwise it will be unfair to Faz’s family.
  3. We’re only about 2 months away from the wedding and the numbers keep changing.
  4. Cost is going to increase. Although he’s the one paying for the food, it doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about how much he’s going to have to fork out.

I don’t get why he must insist on inviting people he hasn’t seen in yonks. I REALLY DON’T!!!!

He keeps insisting that everything will work out fine. If you know you’re not taking the correct path to your destination, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO ARRIVE AT YOUR DESTINATION?! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

I really don’t want to see guests having to stand around waiting for seats on the day. It’ll reflect poorly on our planning and more importantly, it will affect our guests’ entire experience of being at our wedding. It doesn’t matter if TWC does spectacular decor, or how gorgeous FM’s outfits are, people won’t appreciate any of that if they have to spend the entire time standing around pissed, waiting for a seat! I might as well go throw my money down the drain.

He hasn’t seen the figures yet. I’m gathering them and will present it to him as a last ditch attempt to deter him from inviting more people. Mind you, prior to this my parents have already allocated some guests to the nikah event on Friday because they have too many friends, and these additions I’m talking about is on top of that! I’ve decided that I am not going to pay for any cost that comes out of this extra headcount — this includes wedding favours and cards. And if that doesn’t work…..well, it’s your money, not mine. I already did what I could to help you save that money so that you could perhaps use on a rainy day, or treat my mom to something, go on a holdiday, whatever — but you wouldn’t listen!


6 Comments on “The whole world is attending my wedding!”

  1. silentreaderbtb says:

    I feel you. my aunt asked for another card to jempot her dangdut frens. I stared hard at my mom, hoping she’d say,’ alaaa tak payah laa’ but instead she kept quiet, and I dengan berat hati had to pass a card to my aunt. I am so tak selesa with this group of people la. so old yet so wild but haih whatever. luckily when I confide in my elder sis, she said, ‘if in case they start to merepek2 nak berdangdut ke happe kat majlis kau, I will ke depan and take charge’

    bersabar ye. ini semua cobaannn…

    • aida says:

      Alamak…dangdut eh. Maybe you can try ask your mom to let your aunt know she can invite them but no dangdut please? At least she’ll know what is expected.

      This guest list/card issue is really a headache, isn’t it! But I think the future of Malay weddings will see smaller, more intimate weddings looking at how ridiculously expensive it is to hold one nowadays.

      Sigh, memanglah tengah bersabar ni. Trying hard to keep sane!

  2. Huda says:

    Wow, you’re going through much insanity. Bridezilla! I can agree that parents easily invite people who they weren’t close with in the first place! I wen through that based on my sibs weddings. It’s sad to see people having to wait while some relatives tend to hog the tables, that’s irritating as well. But whatever it is, just try to see the good in situation. Positive vibes!!! You’re going to have a blast on your wedding! Insya Allah :)

    • aida says:

      Hahah no lah, I don’t think I dah sampai tahap bridezilla but if not monitored I very well may turn into one!

      Anyway that’s precisely why it’s so important that we stick to our guest quota — so that no one will have to be “displaced”. I feel the onus is on us to make sure there are enough seats. I need to have extra chairs, that’s for sure.

      Thanks for the positivity! I definitely need to have more of that! :))

  3. Fatin says:

    Hi there. Could you share with me on your wedding venue. Very much appreciated.

    • aida says:

      Hi Fatin, sorry for the late reply. Basically Orchidville, as you would’ve probably gathered by know is an orchid farm on Sungei Tengah Road (they used to be in Mandai). They have two venues for rent — a hall that can seat about 15 tables and the other, which they’re still constructing, sort of like a ‘greenhouse’ that can seat even more people, maybe double? Great venue if you’re into rustic-themed weddings!

      I’m currently working on a post to list some of the options we considered in our search, and their pros and cons — including Orchidville. If you’re interested do keep a lookout!

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