La chambre nuptiale.

Would you believe I had tried to set up an appointment with The Wedding Chateau on Hari Raya?

That’s how far down the list Raya is on my mind this year. I haven’t even had the time to get all sentimental about this being my last Raya as a single and how next year will be different. However I did bother enough to get myself an outfit, tee hee!  Well what can I say, shopping is always a pleasure!

Most wedding vendors take a backseat during Ramadhan, especially the last two weeks leading up to Raya so since there weren’t going to be much of meetings, I had scheduled a bridal bedroom revamp. Our new queen bed will also be arriving end August, so it was a good time to do it.

I didn’t opt for bridal room decor service because I honestly think it’s a waste of money. You pay a couple hundred bucks for it but at the end of the day you’ll have to return all the fixtures and your room will go back to the way it was before. To me, it seems more worth it to do it yourself.

So the original plan was just to 1) paint my room, 2) replace my curtain rod, 3) get new curtains and bedsheets and 4) some small and inexpensive room decor items but somehow the tasks mated and multiplied! It all started after we painted my room a light tiffany blue, when my brother suggested I get a chandelier, or something with more oomph as a focal point for my room….

I was swayed, so off we went to Balestier Road. Crystal chandeliers can cost a bomb so I initially thought of getting a cheaper acrylic one. But I guess I didn’t know any better because when we did manage to find one, I discovered why it was so hard to find — they were downright ugly, compared to the glorious crystal ones.

Weaving in and out of shops, we found that Strass Lightings offered the cheapest price after some negotiation. I scored myself a clear crystal chandelier at $230 + $35 installation fee, when the original price was $698!

And while the contractor was there to install the chandelier, we got his help to drill new holes for my new curtain rod as well. I had initally bought an Ikea drill only to realise no good drill would ever cost $39, and then borrowed a Bosch from my friend, only to run into a metal beam at the first hole. The contractor’s arrival was very timely, but he left an astounding amount of dust all over my room.

The chandelier installation also revealed a hideous black mark around where my previous light used to be, so we had to repaint the entire ceiling, a task I had underestimated. And of course, after that I had to clean my room again for the nth time in three weeks.

All this, when the original plan was to execute four simple tasks. So much for hoping my room will be ready in time for Raya — it’s the second week of Raya and it’s still not ready!

But I guess it’s safe to say the hard part (the painting) of the job is over, and my room’s coming together slowly but surely.

Thank god for a helpful fiancé and siblings!

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