Nikah favours

The favours that we’re going to give out at our nikah reception arrived at my house last Saturday and I think I must’ve been feeling so miserable about being behind time in preparations that I was so unnecessarily over the moon when they arrived — it meant I could strike one more thing off my to-do list!

Giving Islamic-themed favours seemed more apt since our nikah will be the mosque. We first considered tasbihs, but quickly canned it because not everyone uses them anymore, and we wanted to give something practical. Something people would use over, and over and over again.

I think it was the FSIL who suggested travel sajadahs. We thought it was a superb idea, so we looked around and decided to order them from Xquizyte Favors. We tried to look for cheaper ones in Malaysia or on Alibaba, but our quantity was too small to get a wholesale price.

It was a pleasant and fuss-free transaction with Kak Liza. We paid a deposit to confirm our order, and when the sajadahs arrived safely at her place, we paid the balance and it was delivered to us within a week. On the whole it took less than a month as promised for the sajadahs to reach us from the time we paid the deposit (they had to be pre-ordered).

Our sajadahs came in varied quantities of dark green, bright green, blue, maroon and black. We weren’t at all fussy about the colours so we didn’t indiciate a colour preference, but I suppose you could check with her if you’d be able to do so.

We opted for the sajadah with a compass on its pouch. She has another type without the compass costing a little less, but since it is, afterall, a travel sajadah which a one might end up using in an unfamiliar place, a compass just seemed necessary.

She even threw in for free floral organza pouches to hold the sajadahs. I haven’t decided if I’ll use those because there must be a nicer way to present it, but I might just let it slide seeing as to how overwhelmed I already am.

By the way, anyone else doing away with bunga rampai?

4 Comments on “Nikah favours”

  1. Ahhhh travel sejadahs! Brilliant idea! :D

  2. Min says:

    I might be doing away with bunga rampai. Maybe chocolates or some aroma therapy beads (I don’t know what it’s called) or nice smelling stuff haha. Or maybe just stick with the bunga rampai. Haiya, see you’re not behind time at all. I’m worse man. :/

    • aida says:

      I wanted to do away with bunga rampai because I think it doesn’t really serve any purpose. I don’t even know if it’s supposed to signify anything. People keep it for a few days at best, after which they throw it away…so I for one prefer the chocolate option.

      Haha well this is only one thing done out of….9147103472734634816 things? And hey it looks like you’ve done a considerable number of things, judging from your blog!

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