Feeling like a fat sack of bad potatoes.

The double digit countdown has begun, much to my horror.

It’s quite sad to think that I’m not looking forward to my own wedding! I mean I’m looking forward to life after marriage, but thinking about how much there is left to do makes me want to delay it.

I never really could understand how some married couples can remark they wish they’d gone for a simpler ceremony. I always thought to myself, but it’s your wedding! Now I understand why.

It’s really tough juggling work and wedding preparations. It truly, really is. I’ve had so many things thrown on my plate at work that I come home so mentally drained almost every other day. And to have issues crop up in the preparations one after another is way more than I can handle — and I’m feeling and seeing the side effects.

I feel sluggish and unhealthy, my monthly cycle is screwed up, my skin looks horrible — and I’m still not at my desired weight! At the rate this is going, I’ll be the poorest excuse for a bride anyone’s ever seen.

2 Comments on “Feeling like a fat sack of bad potatoes.”

  1. Hugs!!! U r not alone ok :) im also more looking forward to the after marriage as compared to the wedding prep itself. Too many aspect of the wedding prep to think about that u felt like wouldn’t it be easier to solemnize and have a mini reception of just close relatives.
    Just do ur best and In shaa Allah everything will be in place :)

    • aida says:

      Precisely, and work doesn’t make things any easier! Seriously considering a wedding planner now to take away some of the burden. Thanks for the encouragement dear. :)

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