Of hardship and relief.

This haze is crazy isn’t it! The latest PSI reading as at 12 noon today was 401!

I was silently thanking God that our wedding is in October (I can only assume the haze would’ve cleared up by then — I can’t imagine having to live through this for another day, let alone four months), but just as soon as I felt relief, I felt really bad also for couples whose weddings are scheduled this weekend, and in the coming weeks.

I wonder if they’re going to postpone their weddings? Unless they’re holding them indoors, I imagine it can get quite bad. Will guests turn up?

Whatever it is, I really hope the haze clears soon so no one will have to postpone anything!

Just the other day, as we were going over venue issues, Faz shared with me two lines from the Quran in Surah Al-Insyirah:

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

– Quran 94:5-6

Allah has assured us relief with every difficulty not only once, but twice! So for anyone who’s going through rough times with the haze, wedding preparations, or just anything at all, let’s remember this.

What could be more comforting than assurance from our Creator?

4 Comments on “Of hardship and relief.”

  1. Favourite verses! :)

    Hope the air clears up in Singapore soon! Stay hydrated dearest. :)

    • aida says:

      I’m sure you’ve already heard that the haze is pretty much gone now, but thanks for the reminder to stay hydrated. I always forget to drink, of all things!

  2. Atie says:

    Too bad for those yang kahwin waktu jerebu ni. A friend of a friend of mine got married last week and you can imagine how sad she was with the condition. :(

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