Wedding at The Joyden Hall — A Review

After spilling my venue woes, one of the suggestions that came from you BTBs (thank you!) was The Joyden Hall, located at Bugis+. And while we were on the topic, in a rather timely manner, Shazana (who turned out to be my fellow marriage prep course attendee — small world!), swooped in and very kindly provided a detailed review of her Joyden Hall wedding, that took place on the 11th of May 2013.

While I think the venue might be a tad too big for my own wedding, I’ve extracted her comment so that anyone looking to hold their wedding there can locate her review more easily. It does sound like the perfect venue for a combined wedding!

Shazana’s review of The Joyden Hall:

I just had my wedding reception at Joyden Hall (on Saturday 11 May 2013). And the venue was so perfect and suited us exactly. The main hall was spacious, the stage big enough, excellent overhead projection screen, the air conditioning just right, the atrium wide enough to accommodate guests who want to mingle over cocktails, the outdoor rooftop garden was so pretty, great lighting and sound system, 2 private rooms for prayers and for the older guests to rest, attached kitchen which our Malay wedding caterer could use for washing up and heating food and the best part for me: THE CHANGING ROOM.

Because the hall is designed for theatre events, the changing room was first rate: good air conditioning, full wall to wall mirror, perfect lighting, comfortable seats, 3 cubicles (for toilets within the changing room), wash sink right next to the make up table and a row of cupboards to hang clothes. The design was so thoughtful, my make up artist was so happy! My husband and 3 friends who helped him dress could fit in comfortably along with my make up artist and my bridesmaid and I. I could change dresses in any one of the 3 the cubicles with ample privacy!

Yes the management is unfortunately pretty slow to reply to emails but that’s because they get a lot of inquiries. But they are extremely professional and the technician and ground manager who assisted us throughout the event went above and beyond their duties to make our wedding a success. In fact, everyone at Joyden Hall was on the ball for our event. They made it a huge success.

Joyden Hall is love. We were so so happy.

All our 1,600 guests were comfortable and no one had trouble finding the place since it’s close to the train station. Plus there was ample parking. And haha no one had a problem wearing baju kurung to a shopping mall. It’s our traditional dress and we look good in it. In fact, my guests attracted a lot of admiring glances from the other mall goers. If they are embarrassed though, they can take the lift directly from the basement carpark or Level 1 up to Level 7 where the hall is. They won’t be bumping into the masses that way.

Price wise, the rate is $6,900 for a half day event plus $500 weekend surcharge. $2,000 for security deposit excluding tables ($25 per table) and chairs ($3.50 per chair) and a levy fee of $5 per head for external caterer and refundable security deposit of $1,500.

Thanks for the review, Shazana! :)

6 Comments on “Wedding at The Joyden Hall — A Review”

  1. isyaemika says:

    Great review! Detailed, yet straight to the point. The place looks good! But mcm plus plus everything, especially if you take external caterer will be quite expensive ehh

    • aida says:

      It does look good, doesn’t it? Looking forward to see more weddings being held here! But I agree, it’s definitely on the higher side of the spectrum.

  2. Shazana Anuar says:

    It was good of you to share the review babe! Yes, I too look forward to seeing more Malay weddings there. It is such a great space and very professionally managed. I think the Joyden Hall people were pretty excited about breaking into the Malay wedding market with Fazli’s/my wedding being the first event. I hope they can put together a package that works for more Malay brides. Here’s hoping for the best.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Aida, it’s all right if you don’t know. Anyway Im wondering how I can contact Shazana Anuar coz she had her wedding at Joyden Hall. Do you happen to have her email?

  3. sarah says:

    Hi, may i know who are joyden hall’s official halal caterers? Thanks!

    • aida says:

      Hi Sarah, unfortunately I can’t help you there. I didn’t enquire with them at all, so I really have no idea if they even have an appointed halal caterer. Perhaps you may want to contact them.

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