Go big or go bust.

I’m almost at my wit’s end here. 

A while ago, Farhana from Kahwin Khronicles posted that my wedding venue, the Grassroots Club, will be undergoing renovations this year. I had zero knowledge of this and was shocked to learn of it. I quickly called our Grassroots Club liaison and he assured me that the renovation of the function rooms that we booked will be completed by mid August, and if for any reason the completion is delayed, they will move us to their multi-purpose hall, which by then would have turned into a ballroom.

I hated the uncertainty. I hated the fact that we wouldn’t know how our venue was going to look like. Renovating the place doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to like it better. Who knows what colours or patterns they’re going to choose?

And then to make things worse than they already were, yesterday I received a call from Nurin (a friend of mine who had booked the same exact venue) followed by Faz, telling me that they had been dropped THE bomb. The function rooms will not be available for rent anymore because they are going to lease it to some tenant, and that they would have to reallocate us to the multi-purpose hall, which will NOT be renovated into a ballroom till next year!

I just flipped. There are bloody reasons why I chose their function rooms over the MPH in the first place, and now you’re giving me the very place I didn’t want!

I can accept the clause in the terms of agreement that states that they reserve the right to reallocate us in the event that our venue becomes unavailable for whatever reason.


I had to find out from someone else! According to Farhana, they had started to turn down bookings late last year. Why couldn’t they have informed us about the possibility of renovations then? We could have the option to look for another venue if we wanted! We’re only five months away, and for Nurin, only four — where the F can we find other venues at such short notice?

@#%*!?&%^ man, seriously.

I am dead set on not having my wedding at their unrenovated MPH. I don’t settle, so if we don’t find another venue that we like in the next few weeks, Faz and I have decided to downsize our wedding. We will just nikah, throw a simple lunch or dinner for 400 immediately after, either at the mosque or at home, and be done with the whole thing in 4 hours max.

No sanding, no elaborate decor, no multiple outfits, no photobooth, no kompang. I can’t deny it’ll suck a little because I’ve invested so much time researching, getting ideas, acquiring quotations and writing on this blog, only to have them turn to dust. But we’ll be off to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon after that, and have loads of unspent moolah in our banks. Sounds way better than having to settle, if you ask me.

So my dear BTBs, keep your eyes peeled on this space because I might be selling away some of the packages that I’ve signed up for at a discount!

30 Comments on “Go big or go bust.”

  1. ruzannaa says:

    i love your backup plan more!!! :)

  2. farnamals says:

    argh that sucks! so sorry you had to find out that way, i really thought they would have had the courtesy to call you earlier on during the planning and made private arrangements already :(

    hope you guys can find another venue soon. if not, at least you’ll have all your unspent moolah which you can invest in other stuff!

    p.s. i’m having a bit of trouble with my venue people as well, and if they don’t fix what needs to be fixed, i’ll probably have to blog out my rage soon. guess it’s true what some people say – the dugaan will sendiri datang nearer to the wedding date.

    • aida says:

      Hey thanks for blogging about it. If you didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have known about the renovations till the very last minute and we’d have no choice but to settle (which I’d HATE to have to do with every fibre in my body).

      Yeah everything was going smoothly up till now! But you know what, it’s ok lah actually. Everything happens for a reason and I’m taking this as a sign that we’re meant to go about it differently.

      Where are you having your wedding? Hopefully they get the problems sorted out soon!

  3. Missus R. says:

    You can solemnize at masjid al-muwaddah (not sure if I got the spelling right) and have reception there after. Or… Opt for Chinese Chamber hall. Or Dewan Silat federation. Or Piai plaza. Or SAF yatch club. The rental is not as expensive as u thought they would be…

  4. nurinmarie says:

    Latest new… Najib just called after I sent him that long email… He said that if i don’t like the MPH he can show me another room at the 3rd floor which is the Banquet room.. He said it is slightly smaller.. and if i still don’t like it he will try to do some touch up at the MPH.. TOUCH UP LIKE WHAT KAN!!!!!! WEDDING IN 4 freaking months! I really don’t know man… I prolly just stick to the MPH and demand lots and lots of things from them.. even if i need them to waive the bloody rental i would…

    • aida says:

      Hopefully they can clean it up and make it look more presentable in time for your wedding. And hopefully your decor can salvage the situation and really turn the room around! For me, I’ve already decided to pull out. Haven’t told them yet, but will do so as soon as I firm up my backup plan.

  5. isyaemika says:

    aww babe that’s such a waste :( but YES, i would do the same if Gurame decided to renovate too. suka hati dorang per nak play around with our lives like that

    • aida says:

      Sigh, what to do. They got their asses covered under that clause in the terms of agreement. Right now we’re back at square one looking for venues. See how lah, keeping the $$ for ourselves doesn’t seem like such a bad idea either right now.

  6. U can consider the above btbs venue ideas or ur back up plan ( which is awesome )

    I’ve seen a btb blog ( dunno who) abt the function room at bugis+ ( http://www.bugis-plus.com.sg/malls/website/store-details.aspx?id=4368). Can consider also

  7. Ana Amalina says:

    woah!! merepekkk nyer dorang! tak fair! orang ni semua buat keje tak fikirkan orang ke?!!!! hope you get to resolve this fast man…and yes, your backup plan sounds more appealing!!! tak ya pening2, just nikah, n go for honeymoon!! (:

    • aida says:

      I know right. After calculating how much I’ll be saving if I go with my backup plan, I’ve actually become quite reluctant to go ahead with the original plan if I do happen to get a replacement venue! But so difficult lah. My parents have so many relatives and close friends that it makes it impossible to get a small nice venue that requires little decoration and be done with it! Gah!

  8. dawnonthedeck says:

    bleargh what a bummer! I hope all goes well for you babe. I totally agree with your back up plan (provided there are no venues you like)!! Saving the money and spending more on yourselves is always wonderful ;) Good luck!

    • aida says:

      Yup, more to save for our home in Costa Ris — the progress of which is excruciatingly slow by the way! Thanks babe. :)

      • dawnonthedeck says:

        Yeah man tell me about it!! Did you see the group page? Everyone’s going nuts at the progress. Haha.

  9. Ain says:

    I freaking like your back up plan. So simple! Thats what I wish for my wedding. Simple giler I want! But I know, I can’t. Cause’ both sides won’t agree with it. Kalau last min my plan tk jadik, I would love to take your back up plan. Tapi “CHOIII ARRR” TOUCH WOOD seyy.

    • aida says:

      Yeah I’m beginning to realise as well that it may not be as easy as I thought to execute a simple wedding because we need to consider both families’ expectations….

  10. I stumbled across your blog and I’ve got to say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself so far! I love your style of writing!

    All the best for your wedding! I’m sure you’ll be able to sort out this particular hiccup too, insha Allah – you seem to have a flair to stay positive and make the best out of situations. :)

    Can’t wait to read more of your adventures leading up to the wedding!

    • aida says:

      Hello Atikah, thank you for your kind words!

      To be completely honest, I’m not actually known to be positive-thinking. Wish I could think along these lines more often, though!

      I popped by your blog as well — your adventures are way more exciting than mine lah! I haven’t had much opportunity to travel, and coupled with the fact that I’m actually an introvert, well….let’s just say I have a long way to go before even considering travelling solo. But can’t deny the idea is indeed fascinating!

      Definitely going back for more of your posts. :)

  11. ssugarrushh says:

    Here’s the contact for Joyden Hall if you still need it.
    Direct Contact Person, Sandra: 9327 7443
    However, they take eonsssss to reply, I got fed up! I shoot an email to their general add, they replied in 1-2 hours(!!!), promised to send a quotation in 2 days, but still no news. it has been 2 weeks now. pffffft.
    they claimed that they are in a midst of doing up a quotation package, which includes catering, blablabla. I will update you if i receive a quotation any soon :)
    anyhoo, hope all goes well for you!

    • aida says:

      Looking at their response rate, I don’t think I’ll pursue them. Two weeks to reply is just horrible lah. But hey the contact details might come in handy at some point, you never know. Thanks so much for sharing!

      But yes, I’d still like to know their rates so please do share if you’ve received a quotation from them. Thank youuu! :)

      • Shazana Anuar says:

        Hi Aida!

        I recognise you from our kursus rumahtangga!

        I think your fiance sat next to my husband in the first row =(

        Sorry to hear about your venue woes but since you are on the topic of Joyden Hall, thought I might just share info and reviews.

        I just had my wedding reception at Joyden Hall (on saturday 11 May 2013). And the venue was so perfect and suited us exactly. The main hall was spacious, the stage big enough, excellent overhead projection screen, the air conditioning just right, the atrium wide enough to accommodate guests who want to mingle over cocktails, the outdoor rooftop garden was so pretty, great lighting and sound system, 2 private rooms for prayers and for the older guests to rest, attached kitchen which our Malay wedding caterer could use for washing up and heating food and the best part for me: THE CHANGING ROOM.

        Because the hall is designed for theatre events, the changing room was first rate: good air conditioning, full wall to wall mirror, perfect lighting, comfortable seats, 3 cubicles (for toilets within the changing room), wash sink right next to the make up table and a row of cupboards to hang clothes. The design was so thoughtful, my make up artist was so happy! My husband and 3 friends who helped him dress could fit in comfortably along with my make up artist and my bridesmaid and I. I could change dresses in any one of the 3 the cubicles with ample privacy!

        Yes the management is unfortunately pretty slow to reply to emails but that’s because they get a lot of inquiries. But they are extremely professional and the technician and ground manager who assisted us throughout the event went above and beyond their duties to make our wedding a success. In fact, everyone at Joyden Hall was on the ball for our event. They made it a huge success.

        Joyden Hall is love. We were so so happy.

        All our 1,600 guests were comfortable and no one had trouble finding the place since it’s close to the train station. Plus there was ample parking. And haha no one had a problem wearing baju kurung to a shopping mall. It’s our traditional dress and we look good in it. In fact, my guests attracted a lot of admiring glances from the other mall goers. If they are embarrassed though, they can take the lift directly from the basement carpark or Level 1 up to Level 7 where the hall is. They won’t be bumping into the masses that way.

        Price wise, the rate is $6,900 for a half day event plus $500 weekend surcharge. $2,000 for security deposit excluding tables ($25 per table) and chairs ($3.50 per chair) and a levy fee of $5 per head for external caterer and refundable security deposit of $1,500.

        Sorry for the rambling email. I hope the info helps! Do let me know if you need help contacting Joyden Hall.

  12. aida says:

    Hello Shazana!

    Alamak which one were you eh? I do remember the fiance telling me another Fazli was sitting next to him!

    Firstly, congrats on your wedding! Alhamdulillah, happy to know that all went well!

    So kind of you to take the time to provide a very detailed review of the venue! Unfortunately, I think it might be too big of a space for us since we’ve decided to downsize our wedding. I was just curious to know the rates, but brides-to-be out there who are seriously considering Joyden Hall would find this extremely useful.

    Omg, the venue does sound like a dream, if you can get past the enquiry stage — heh. From what you’ve described, it seems like it has pretty much everything you’d need. And so perfect for big, combined weddings!

    Don’t mind the baju kurung-in-mall comment, I was just being silly. I, for one, still prefer to wear baju kurung to weddings, though I’d prefer to take a cab there — the flapping of kain, click-clacking of heels and clutch bag under armpit can prove to be a bit much for me to go public lol.

    Congrats again and thanks a million for the review!

    • Shazana Anuar says:

      oh so paiseh, I mean to insert a smiley face after the comment about our two Fazlis! =)

      And thank you! I loved my wedding but hated the planning.

      I wish you all the very best in your wedding preparations! May everything go smoothly.

      Enjoy the honeymoon and married life!

  13. Nadiah says:

    Hey Aida,
    Do update a post in your blog the updated venues you enquired for the back up plan ya. I hope to have a simple nikah wedding but can’t find a suitable venue as mostly its big halls which is too big. Your blog has been very helpful!!..Congrats ya!! Starting a new chapter of life soon!! Nadiah TP VSC grpmate here!!

    • aida says:

      Hi Nadiah! Glad to know you’re also preparing for your wedding, congrats! I still haven’t found a venue! I know right, planning a simple, small scale wedding isn’t as easy as I thought. Will blog about some of the venue options I’ve come across in my search soon. How many people are you looking to invite?

      • Nadiah says:

        Ya.. its like during my mums time its like so easy they say buat nikah eat at home just adik beradik. But now abit harder… different generation and different consideration.. quite tough cause I know no matter what at the end of the day people will talk whether big or small. such a melayu thing. But of course trying to pls majority.. for me…I’m hoping maximum 200 pax but just in case…. I give lee way 250 pax max of the max..insyaAllah.

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