Panic Mode: ON

I have something to confess.

I had already begun to lose some steam with regards to wedding preparation (GASP!) over the last couple of months, but a meeting with Faz yesterday to discuss outstanding tasks quickly put things into perspective.

Armed with my laptop and kahwin-kahwin file containing invoices and such, we sat for a solid two hours at Starbucks to update our task list. It was truly an awakening. We were identifying a new small and seemingly unimportant task every five minutes, and these sneaky bastards, they just kept coming! I get major palpitations looking at my To-do list now. And I’m pretty sure that’s not the end of it.

We also sorted out and made a list of the due dates and amounts for payments. It’s easy to drop deposits here and there to secure vendors because they’re usually just a tiny fraction of the total payment, but well, you’re going to have to pay the rest of it eventually and this really just made us sick to our stomachs. Can I not part with my money, pretty please?

Looking at the figures on that list is enough to deter us from buying stuff we don’t actually need, so Faz says to refer to the list every time a desire arises. Hell, maybe I’ll even set it as the lock screen on my phone.

It’s now down to 6 months to the wedding. Of this, there are only 53 days in the weekends in total — the actual time I’m really left with to prepare for the wedding, after excluding all my work days. I’m going to have to plan and spend my time very wisely if I want to get everything done….draw up a Gantt chart, maybe?

All this whilst I still have 8kgs to lose! I used to think it was going to be well, not exactly a piece of cake, but at least easy because I’d done it before, but it’s proving to be more difficult this time round. Desk-bound job, lack of healthy food options for lunch, the condition of my knee, and effects of being on the wrong side of my twenties, basically — all these factors are really coming into play and affecting the results.

Are you panicking yet? Because I sure as hell am!

8 Comments on “Panic Mode: ON”

  1. farnamals says:

    i’m definitely starting to panic too! starting to feel very meh about the whole planning – friends tell me it’s wedding planning burnout.

    and thanks for highlighting the fact that there are only about 50+ days in the weekends in total, i didn’t realize that’s all that’s left :O

    • aida says:

      Glad to know I’m not alone! Thing is I haven’t even started on any of my DIY projects and I’m already feeling burnt out. So malas thinking about them now.

      Haha yeah I have a knack for making myself even more kancheong by calculating these things. May the force be with us.

  2. This post like so apt after ur prev post… Like u wake up after march ends.

    Jia you babe! U can do it!

  3. eleventhoctober says:

    Awesome idea on the phone wallpaper thing! I’m having a savingsfail lull moment myself so I think that’ll come in handy kalau tangan da start gatal nak beli barang!

    Anyway, take a deep breath, think of post-wedding with the man, then breathe back out (jangan lupa buat ni kalau tak mati keras hahahha) and this time face and bulldoze your nitty gritty head-on. Remb, BITCHES GET THINGS DONE hahahhaha quoted from one of KK’s GIFs which I find to be mad inspiring and motivational

    • aida says:

      I now feel like an empowered woman who is on top of the world thanks to your motivational quote (haha jangan-jangan semangat dua minute jer)! I shall get over this one task at a time. Slow and steady does it, yes? :)

  4. Miss H says:

    It’s going to be a-ok! I was quite burnt out leading up to my wedding as well, and my colleagues were the ones who was updating my countdown in office. haha. About the weight loss, don’t fret babe… just think about the bajus/dresses that you will be wearing. Thinking abt that kept me motivated to lose weight! :)

    • aida says:

      Yeah I guess feeling burnt out is pretty normal. But no worries, things’ve definitely picked up since I wrote this post!

      And thanks, any advice from the very person who lost 18kg herself is good advice! I know how you did it, yet at the same time I don’t know how you did it. Some awesome willpower you got there!

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