Change is the only constant

So there’s been a change in one of our vendors.

After months and months — no, literally a year — of contemplation (meaning we had thought about it thoroughly), we finally dropped RF for photography. They will still be doing our videography, though, because I feel it’s their strong suit.

And in their place for photography, we’ve engaged An Analog Affair!

I came across An Analog Affair online quite a while ago and it was love at first sight. We met Fadly, An Analog Affair’s one man show, in February last year at his place, and not only were we blown away by his work and its quality, we were also blown away by the interior of his house. I couldn’t stop gushing about how his place looked like a picture right out of a magazine!

I can’t deny it hurts a little in our pockets and in our hearts because RF’s packaged photography + videography deal we got exactly a year ago was mega cost-saving. We had initially wanted to get them only for videography as mentioned here, but we got reeled in by the deal they offered. At the time we did already have several other photographers in mind (An Analog Affair included), but because we wanted to save cost, we chucked our wants aside.

But over the past one year, our decision kept haunting me. I finally decided that I would regret it if I didn’t go with my heart for this one. Photos immortalise moments, and for a defining moment such as one’s wedding, I felt that it would be crucial to get a photographer whose works you really like.

It’s a little dramatic, yes, but with An Analog affair, we were like soulmates — no matter how many other people you’ve been with, you’ll always come back to that one person. It was the same thing with The Wedding Chateau.

But quite jialat on the pocket lah kan if everyone turns out to be a soulmate. Speaking of which reminds me of a brutally sarcastic remark Faz made not too long ago while I was throwing ideas around:

Faz: Wahlau, everytime you talk wedding, money comes out of your mouth! Senang jer nak pakai duit?
Me: ………………….
Faz: (Rather abruptly) Eh I nak pergi toilet lah. You have a couple of ten dollar notes?
Me: Huh? For what?
Faz: So I can wipe my ass.

Ewah ewahhh punyalah sarcastic! Ideas only mah!

Anyway, in spite of everything, I would still recommend RF for anyone who is looking for an affordable vendor who is honest and approachable, and actually churns out decent photos. Admirable qualities, if you ask me.

It’s just that their style wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Plus, I couldn’t settle with “decent”. I wanted EPIC.

I knew there was no chance of the other popular photographers who were charging a little lesser still being available at this point, so we skipped the enquiries and went straight to Fadly. I don’t know if it’s just the Malay wedding scene that sees this phenomenon of brides-to-be booking wedding vendors way, way in advance, but hoping that Chinese brides aren’t as kiasu (Fadly had shared with us he does more of Chinese weddings), we enquired if he was still available on our dates. And whaddaya know, he was!

EPIC came with its own price tag, but the outcome is going to be worth it.

(Fadly is one of Singapore’s three Malay photographers who are members of world renowned UK’s prestigious Master Photographers Association (MPA), alongside Fandy Razak of Studiodua and Shukri Samsuri of TheProjectPixel Photography.)

I must say I’ve also been lucky with Faz, because he accedes to my requests most of the time — but not without a bit of work on my part sometimes also, lah. In this case, I was able to convince him that change was necessary, even when he didn’t think so initially.

Well either that, or he’s just giving in to make me happy. <insert huge grin>

Anyway because of our new awesome photographer, we now have a renewed zeal to lose weight and look good in photos!

8 Comments on “Change is the only constant”

  1. E. says:

    Awesome choice! They’re one of the favourites!

  2. Zila says:

    Great! Fandy Razak is my choice for my wedding. I booked him during the January’s expo (although our wedding is only in 2014). :) still running? Going for any race event this year?”

    • aida says:

      Early is good!

      Sadly, I’ve stopped for running for a while. Even had to miss out on the GE Women’s 10k last year because of my knee. But I’ve recently started again now that it’s better. No plans to join any race as of yet, but we’ll see how my knee fares. How bout you?

  3. Got to your site from kahwin khronicles. Like you, I took Fad for my wedding last Sept. He is super awesome! Good choice babe. I get what you mean abt his house too! I’m forever gushing to my husband after I leave his place :)

    • aida says:

      Congrats on your recent nuptials! Hope you’re settling in well. :)

      Your wedding photos must be epic, without a doubt! And yes, his place is very tastefully done up, and spacious too. I like!

  4. nj1987 says:

    Hi Aida! Can you share with me the quotation for Fadly please? I’ve tried contacting him but no reply for a couple of weeks now.. :( Thank you! My email is

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