The fairy godmother and her Wishing Wand

Honestly I don’t quite like going to wedding expos. I feel disoriented and stifled with all the vendors trying to get your attention and you spend half the time trying to fend off those you have no interest in.

We thought we were so over expos but we decided to give it one last go to see if there were any photobooth slash guestbook service providers.

And it paid off. We ended up walking out with a booking with the fabulous Wishing Wand! Both Faz and I are very, very happy about this.

I chanced upon Wishing Wand once when someone on my Facebook liked their page. I viewed their page briefly because at the time I was rushing to get ready to go somewhere, but I made a mental note to check them out again because I liked what I had seen.

But later on when I sat down to retrieve that mental note, I was stumped. What were they called again? I know the name had something to do with fairytales but I couldn’t for the love of God remember what it was! I even tried to go through a couple of weeks worth of Facebook newsfeed but I just couldn’t locate that post. I thought maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, and I let it go.

So imagine my joy when we stumbled upon them at the expo! Their small booth was very easy to miss, and this truly led me to believe it wasn’t a coincidence that we found them!

We all know what the usual guestbook service providers offer in their packages: a minimum of two persons to mend the decorated booth — a photographer and another staff to paste the instant prints onto a personalised guestbook, photography props, and embellishments for guests to jazz up their entry. At one wedding I attended, guests could provide the staff their email addresses to have their photos sent to them, which was a nice touch.

So what sets Wishing Wand apart from the rest?

On top of their fun and quirky props (of which you can personalise a few), they’ll provide you a photography backdrop! Not only will your guests receive a hardcopy of their photos, they’re pasted onto a personalised photo jacket where you could leave a little thank you note for your guests! And at the end of it, you will also receive in a disc all the photos taken that day.

I think people will totally eat it up because it’s a very nice event keepsake, something which guests perhaps will appreciate even more than wedding favours!

In this digital world, my aunts always complain that they don’t ever get to see the photos we take at family gatherings because no one bothers to print them. Well, I imagine the photobooth is one way to appease them!

And I really like the bubbly people who attended to us at the expo. I think it’s important for the people mending the guestbook table/photobooth to be proactive in getting people to participate. If not, the booth will be under-utilised…and well, there goes your money.

Go check Wishing Wand out!

7 Comments on “The fairy godmother and her Wishing Wand”

  1. farnamals says:

    oh they’re good! your guests will have a blast at your wedding, congrats!

    totally missed them when i was there at the expo. that small booth must’ve been really small. meh.

    • aida says:

      Thanks! Yup, wasn’t exaggerating when I said “small”. They were under the Fatimah Mohsin/StudioDua tent, right at the end. Apparently they had some sort of a collabo going on.

  2. Lol sama lah makcik2 kita semua yang assk mengomel that we never print their photos! Lol. Ada makcik code eh?

    • aida says:

      Makcik eh, although they’re seemingly not tech savvy, they’re actually more advanced. They’re a huge network and have special telepathic skills such that makciks the world over can adhere to the same code!

      They’re a work of art, our makciks. :)

  3. shahirrrah says:

    hello! may i know how u proceed with WW? do u deposit strait or u view their samples first?

    • aida says:

      Hello Shahirah!

      I think so far I’ve never made deposits without first meeting the vendor and having a feel of what they’re like. But anyway I signed up with WW at an expo, so I was able to view a sample of their photo jacket (well more like they actually took our photo, printed it and put it into the photo jacket on the spot as a souvenir for us, which was nice — another vendor in the same expo was even charging guests $1 per photo!!!). They showed me some other photo jacket designs as well that you can choose from or customise).

      Other than that, I think you can find on their facebook page pretty much everything you need to see….like pictures of their various backdrops, props, etc.

      I guess it depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you’re certain of their work and want to make a deposit straight away, why not? Anyway they’re quite bubbly and I felt quite at ease with them. :)

      • shahirrrah says:

        at first the lady (their admin person i guess) asked me to deposit but i was being skeptical you noe abt vendors “running away” and stuff so i told her that i want to view some sample and is happy that she was ok, she said she is open la either i pay upfront or pay after viewing her samples. and yes, she told me she dun practice charging for printing pictures for guests, some photobooths do charge if guests want a copy for themselves.

        so rite now, its up to me whthr i wanna drop by her place at bishan (!!!) (i org tamp niii~~) and view some sample or just dive in and pay her the deposit.

        thanks Aida! :)

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