To say the least.

No less than five unfinished entries lie restlessly in my drafts since early September.

So we know it’s definitely not a case of having nothing to say — I have too much!

I apologise, I just haven’t had the time.

I apologise again — I lied. I guess to put it simply, I just haven’t felt like thinking on the weekends, after a whole five days of thinking at work. 

A couple are actually ready to be published, but they’re just needing photos. And it’s the photos that I’m lazy about, really. But I’m aware photos are great monotony-breakers for long entries like mine, so I definitely intend to put them up. Hopefully I’ll post something this weekend.

Anyway, I notice people are ending up on my blog quite a bit these days. Whether you found your way here by googling some variant of “dulang hantaran” or “Costa Ris BTO”, do say hello! :)

2 Comments on “To say the least.”

  1. Raudhah says:

    well hello there btb/ future neighbour! Hahaha. I was googling for Costa Ris and found you! Just dropping by to say hello :)

    • aida says:

      Yay, more future neighbours! Hi Raudhah!

      And you’re in the Costa Ris group on Facebook too, I see! Aren’t you guys lucky to have gotten the block nearest to the MRT! We’re somewhere in the middle. :)

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