Let me count the ways I love thee

I’d say the one thing that has attracted me the most about the boyfriend has definitely got to be his easygoing personality.

He made a really good first impression (I thought he was charming and it helped that he had such a smooth therapeutic radio DJ voice…to me, at least), but personality isn’t something you can tell about a person on the first date. Sometimes you’re not really yourself those first few dates because you want to make a good impression, but lucky for me, our first date was a door only to more wonderful discoveries.

I don’t consider myself easygoing — I’m quite irritable, in fact — and I guess because opposites attract, subconsciously I wasn’t looking for another me to be around, because honestly that would be quite painful. Well to be fair, I think I am actually VERY pleasant, but there is a fine print and it reads: “Just don’t piss me off”. I have anger management issues.

On the other hand, it takes A LOT to piss him off and even when he is, he’s non-confrontational and very diplomatic about things. I can actually feel the positive effects from being around him for almost nine years now. I can definitely say I am much mellower than before. I’ve learnt to bite my tongue to take a second to consider the potential reverberations of what I’m about to say and whether it’s really worth putting my voice out there.

I like how I feel relaxed around him because of his easygoing nature and open-mindedness. I’m easily stressed, so being with him is like an escape. And he’s quite the funnyman too. His sense of humour can be classified into three categories: Witty Humour, Kelakar Bodoh and Nasi Tambah. Most of the time his humour is funny but sometimes it just annoys the hell out of me. Like there was one period his Nasi Tambah humour was so excessive it wasn’t even funny anymore. I wasn’t amused, to put it mildly. But he takes feedback, so that’s fantastic as well!

Then I see how he treats his dad, and I know instantly how deep-rooted his sense of responsibility is. This security is also one of the more important factors because I need to know that he will never neglect his responsibilities toward the family we are going to build — and seeing how well he treats his own family, I am sold.

And he’s just plain sweet lah really, in the seemingly little gestures. Like how back in poly I was swamped with projects and had no time to eat when he turned up at the studio with food. Or how he was like an angel sent from above when he appeared in the distance with a bottle of ice-cold 100plus at the end of my 10k run (trust me, at that point I was literally parched like the desert). Or how he has to wait for me whenever we meet but doesn’t get mad (or at least tries not to). Or how he lets me have his ultra cute Nurses’ Day gift thumbdrive when he really liked it as well.

Before we even got together, he once said he would treat his girlfriend like a queen. Well, I had the honour of becoming that person — and yes, I can attest that even nine years later, I still feel like Queen!

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