Macaron Mania

I’ve been toying with the idea of DIY-ing macarons for the wedding for a while now. Friends say I shouldn’t be so ambitious and that I’ll be a haggard bride if I’m going to keep up with all this micro-managing. But if you know me, you’ll know I won’t listen….until I’ve proven to myself that I can’t in fact do it.

And so last weekend I tried making macarons.

Macarons are such sensitive desserts. There are 913654546872114579 reasons where your macarons could’ve gone wrong. Of course, I only knew this AFTER I had a go at it. I have Raiza Costa, my latest baker muse, to blame for making it seem so easy peasy!

I mean, just look at her video. She’s having actual fun. I want her kitchen! I love how she dresses up her island with her printed tablecloths, flowers and colourful utensils (KITCHENAID!!!!). She’s so Kate Spade!

That, was of course a far cry from what went on in my kitchen. I started feeling tired halfway through, and don’t even get me started on the state of my kitchen in the aftermath.

I rounded up the better looking ones for a photo, but the best one got to be in the foreground.

My macarons in the end turned out to be something else. Although they were round and did grow small “feet”, the texture was more that of a brownie — dense, moist and chewy. But I probably was most disappointed about how they actually looked. To my horror the surface of the macarons started crinkling in the baking process, making it look not one bit like the dainty dessert that it’s supposed to be.  The taste was good actually (even better after a day or two after the filling somewhat merges with the biscuit), but nope, those still weren’t macarons I made.

The thing about baking is it’s really anybody’s guess how your babies are gonna look when they come out the oven.

I caption this photo “THE REVOLT”.

I’m not deterred! I’m having another go at it this weekend and I’m going to get them to conform! After reading A Macaron Troubleshooting Guide, I think the problem might’ve been in my meringue. And possibly the type of cocoa powder I used that made it dense.

Update y’all then!

p/s: In case anyone’s interested, I used a macaron baking sheet from Mastrad (available at $59 at Tangs and Takashimaya — but I got mine at 40% off during a sale). They’re supposed to make your macarons perfectly round and consistent in size, but mine still wasn’t because I’m a novice piper! I’m very peeved though that the two baking sheets it comes with doesn’t fit the standard oven, so in the end I baked only one sheet a time.  Makes 25 assembled macarons.

p/p/s: I was so inspired by Raiza Costa “living colorfully” that I went on a hunt for cute aprons! I managed to find this cute lil’ red and white polka dot apron that actually looks more like a dress with frills when you put it on  — which I later forgot to wear when I was making those macarons (#facepalm). I came across other really GORGEOUS ones on Etsy by this seller based in the US who goes by the name of “mamamadison”. Here’s one I got really close to buying:

How gorgeous is this?!
Source: Mama and Madison Custom Aprons Facebook page

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