An update of sorts

I’m pleased to report that Project Wedding Body is in full swing! On the other hand, it’s been a little quiet on the wedding preparation side of things. We still desperately need to cover catering and decor.

What are the options I’m currently looking at?

I want a less traditional menu for my wedding, and I’m finding it hard to find a Malay caterer who does this. At this point, we are most probably going with CJS Catering based on the reviews we’ve heard. But what’s keeping me back for now is the lack of other options. I do want to be able to shortlist a couple of caterers and make a decision from a bird’s eye view, and not just grab the first option that comes our way. So we will look around for a bit more before we commit.

As for decor, the pricier vendor I’ve been referring to in my previous posts which I MUST MUST MUST engage or die is…The Wedding Chateau! We met the talented Najihah armed with our moodboard about a month ago before she went on holiday. She should be back by now, so we’re just waiting patiently while she works on the proposal. 

Sidetracking a bit, I honestly thought that creating a moodboard would be a piece of cake. How wrong I was. When I laid out that blank page in front of me, I suddenly didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I had taken mental notes and saved images of the bits and pieces of weddings I’d seen that I liked — but now the challenge is….how do you put them together without turning the place into a madhouse?

Although the moodboard we came up with was admittedly far from what we wanted, it was a starting point. So we brought it to meet Najihah anyway. I’m not going to worry about the concept that much for now because judging from TWC’s previous works, I have full confidence they’ll be able to make my wedding decor as gorgeous as it can be.

The only thing I’m anxious about is putting a deposit down to secure them! She shared with us that she may stop doing weddings (or do them on a case-by-case basis) and focus on smaller events where they will be able to go all out on details. What if she decides to stop doing weddings sooner and leave us high and dry? I’ll be damned if I have to look for a substitute.

On top of things, I didn’t get to meet Rolling Frames at the expo after all. They were brimming with assignments and couldn’t participate. I’ll have to set up an appointment with them separately.

Now, onto things that are making progress!

I’ve lost about 2-3kg since I started Project Wedding Body. I’m not convinced I’ve lost that much in fats because for sure a fraction of this is attributed to water weight.

For starters, I make it a point to work out at least thrice a week — four times when I can. This is made even easier because my colleagues and I have started hitting the gym twice a week during lunch, so I only have to go another once or twice on my own.

Another aspect that I’ve had to change is diet. No more mindless snacking, desserts and suppers. I even tried stringent calorie-counting for a few days (keeping to 1,800 calories), but not knowing the exact calorie count for certain food items annoyed me. It was too much work (emotionally too), so I stopped. I am however just more aware of my calorie intake in that I read food labels now. If the food item is calorie-laden, I’ll go for a healthier choice. Simple as that.

(A random trivia for you: Did you know that fish and chips contain a whopping 1,200 calories?! If you’re my weight and size, that’s more than half your calorie allowance! No need to eat anything else for the rest of the day already.)

To help with the weight loss programme, I’m looking to participate in a couple of races: The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run (6km), the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run (10km) and the Great Eastern Women’s Run (10km). And with Ramadhan coming up (which reminds me I haven’t paid my dues), I’ll be losing more weight in no time.

AHHH. So excited at the prospect of a slimmer me (and a slimmer boyfriend)!

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