A new milestone? Not!

I think I might just plunge into depression. You see, I just bought a weighing scale.

(I can probably end my post here, since you readers can go figure. But I choose to rant and you shall listen.)

After possibly a year of living in blissful ignorance, I finally stepped onto the scale. I wasn’t expecting to see a nice figure obviously, but what came as a rude shock is that I AM CURRENTLY THE HEAVIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY WHOLE FRICKIN’ LIFE! A NEW BLOODY MILESTONE!

How the hell did I get so fat? I won’t divulge my weight, but suffice to say I need to lose close to 10 kilos.  

It is with this knowledge that I am officially springing back with a vengeance. Starting NOW.

There’s a little story behind the weighing scale though. You see, my very good friend Syafiq and I are both in the process of shedding the extra pounds. So we came up with a neat little way to spruce up our weight loss journey, which as we know, can be the one of the most arduous and disouraging journeys to embark on. We agreed that every Friday we would step onto the scale, take a picture of the reading and send it to each other. This not only tracks our weight loss, but having someone to “report” to also puts positive pressure on us to keep the weight constantly down throughout the week. And Syafiq is the the perfect person for this because he trained me for my first ever 21k race back in 2008.

I was actually thinking of getting Faz to get in on this weight report thing, but I’m doubtful the above approach will work the same way for Faz and I as it will with Syafiq. How do I know this? Because when I broke the news about my weight to him, he said, “Alaaahhh…..tulang you yang berat tu“.

Wahliaooo. How to lose weight, you tell me? He’ll be graciously making excuses for me for every kilo I gain! But it’s okay, different people react to different things — there’s no one-size-fits-all. What worked fairly well for me and him in the past was when we worked out together. There was a period of time when we spent most of our dates just working out, skipping the movies (and inadvertently the popcorn) and dinners (and inadvertently the dessert). However our schedules started clashing — and clashed enough times that it eventually died a natural death.

Likewise, at the moment it’s a little hard to set gym or running dates with him because of our schedules. I work office hours, and he works shifts. And he attends evening classes twice a week. And then there are his group meetings. And family days. At the rate it’s going, we’re only meeting once a week, on average.

I guess we’ll just have to count on ourselves to fight our battles alone till we can fight them together.

Meanwhile, I leave you with yet another inspirational workout quote.

The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen

2 Comments on “A new milestone? Not!”

  1. Zila says:

    I swear that doing RPM (also known as spin class) is the best way to lose the weight and get the abs. But fret not… fasting month is just around the corner. ;)

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