Our choices (Part 1)

I think most people can agree that Venue, Catering, Bridal, Photography & Videography and Decor make up the big guns in wedding planning. Well, they’re our big guns anyway.

Out of the 5, we’ve secured the following 3:

Venue: Grassroots Club Function Room

Venue was the first thing that we started to look for because, well, no venue = no wedding. And thank god we started with venue, because it was a real headache! There were so many things to consider (in order of importance): capacity, cost, ability to engage our own caterers and decor, weather (for outdoor venues), parking space, accessibility.

Although I very much wanted a real outdoor garden wedding, we had established from the start that we were to exclude gardens, or any outdoor or open-air venue (which includes void decks and multi-purpose halls) because it depends too much on the weather. And weather affects mood. I vividly remember being hot and flustered at a couple of weddings held at these places, sweat trickling down underarms, thighs, butt…you name it! I was literally like a hot fountain underneath my baju kurung. It was NOT glam. Although I was happy for the newly-weds, my physical being did not enjoy being there at all.

Much to the boyfriend’s exasperation, I ruled out community centres as well because of a particular peeve I have with badminton court lines on the floor. I also think that CCs can look a little too empty with all the dead space, especially if you’re not looking to invite so many people, like us.

We weren’t looking to hold it in a hotel either, because I’m just the sort of person who needs to have control over pretty much everything. Choosing a hotel would probably mean I wouldn’t be able to engage my own caterer. Ditto for most country clubs. To me, paying so much only to have your choices restricted hardly makes any sense.         

By this time we were left with a only handful of choices. Of these choices, the Grassroots Club seemed the most sensible in that it satisfied all our requirements. But as we know, ‘sensible’ usually translates to ‘boring’, and is unfortunately the case in this instance. There’s honestly nothing special about the venue itself or the location (isn’t Yio Chu Kang just the most happening place everrr?) — which makes the choice of decor company even more imperative.

Some of the other venues that stood out that I loved loved loved but had to strike off mainly because of their horrifically exorbitant rates: Burkill Hall, Orchid Country Club, Bluesky GardenAsia. 

Photography + Videography: Rolling Frames

For videography, we were initially contemplating between Flipside and SmartMat. But then we came across Rolling Frames and they won me over! I thought they were able to capture emotions, and rearrange sequences best. Very happy with our choice of videographer.

We were at the expo when we signed up with Rolling Frames. They had a package which included photography as well. Their photos looked pretty decent, so we took it up for convenience-sake. Prior to this, we had our sights on Le Photographe. Although the trend in photo editing nowadays is that “faded” treatment (no idea what the technical term is) that Bliss Photocinema, ProjectPixel, etc do oh so very well, personally I much prefer my photos to be crisp, colour-rich and vibrant. I think Le Photographe excels at this.

There’s a slight problem, though. I am rethinking RF for photography. The reason I’m having second thoughts is…..I can’t remember how their photos look like! That, to me, is a big siren right there. I know they’re definitely not like horrible or anything (my friends who’ve engaged them only have good things to say), but what does it say if I don’t remember their work?

Thing is, they post only a selected few photos on their Facebook page and website. While I couldn’t be more happy they won’t be posting our wedding photos online for the whole world to see, it’s quite a hassle for people to get access to their recent works. Every now and then they will make themselves available at wedding expos, and this is how people can meet them. I hear they might be at an expo this June…I’ll be the first one there to refresh my memory!

The boyfriend — if he had it his way — wouldn’t choose to go down the path of cancelling our photography package with RF just because it’s troublesome. He says if I decide to cancel it, then “you be the bad guy….I’m not going to say anything“.

Let’s see how this one goes.

Bridal Services: Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery

This was tricky. I was torn between Versari Ade, Sultanah and Fatimah Mohsin. Versari Ade for their stunning classic songket, Sultanah for their impeccable tailoring (I don’t know much about Sultanah, but I’ve been told of their established reputation), and Fatimah for the gorgeous makeup and hair. If only I could merge these three together!

I chose Fatimah in the end because I decided that makeup and hair were my priorities, because they’re the hardest to get right. We took up the package with 3 outfits — of which we’re going to tailor one, most probably the eveningwear.

Whilst I’ve heard some unsavoury things about their customer service, I’m going in with the premise that the outcome will be worth it. I’m a little wary, yes, but I’ve chosen not to generalise because people have also said good things by the same virtue!

Still hoping we’ll be able to secure Catering and Decor (and decide if we’re sticking to RF) by end June!

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  1. Hello just wondering if you will receive this comment notification. I was browsing throught the net looking for rates for the grassroots club and i chanced upon you entry. Was just wondering what was the price back then. It would be great if you could share it with me. :)) thanks!

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