The V-word.

I have a question.

How in the world do you brides decide on your vendors?!

Vendors make or break the wedding. So choosing the right ones are really that important.

But the slight problem is….there are so many vendors out there that they could make their own planet!

I started casually looking around even before the engagement and up till now, I haven’t found a single vendor that made me stick my feet in the ground and go, “A-ha!“. Even if there was, it was either way out of budget or I’m kept from making a decision because I’m constantly wondering if there’s a better vendor out there.

Ever bought something and then come across something even better? That dreaded feeling, my friends, is exactly what I’m afraid of. It’s what fuels this indecision. I want vendors who can stretch my dollar and give me the most perfect wedding they can afford, leaving us with absolutely no regrets. And we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars here, so of course we can’t make these decisions overnight.

But I have a feeling I’m over-thinking things slightly, true to my perfectionist nature.

It’s getting a little stressful now, because we want to secure as many vendors as possible if and before prices increase, and because we know we’re competing with so many other brides- and grooms-to-be for the good vendors.

And so you can expect me to be trawling wedding expos all throughout the year. I hope I can identify the good deals and be less indecisive when it comes to the crunch.

May the force be with me.

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