A day away from Bridezilla-dom.

Bridezilla in 1 Day

As much as I am excited to wear the ring that he bought me 6 months ago (It’s been 6 months?! Wow we really were that kiasu, weren’t we?), I can’t help but to feel a little tired.

Excitement can be a tire too you know, especially when you’ve waited 6 months. And of course with preparations and all. Cleaning my room, trying out makeup and hairstyles, running errands, doing up the dulang hantaran…

God, the dulang hantaran.

I eagerly took up the task of decorating the one dulang that his side will be presenting me, just so I would feel a stronger sense of involvement in all of this. But let me tell you, I ain’t no eager beaver no more. For the wedding there’s no way I’m gonna subject myself to such unnecessary hard work again. Although it’s just ONE dulang, I can’t even begin to describe the effort that was put into it. Had to buy the tray, the materials to make the cushion from scratch, the tassels and embellishments, the photo frame for the tanda hantaran, and flowers. Best of all, the cost of all the materials combined far exceeds the amount we would have had to pay had we outsourced it.

My dad couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just buy a ready-made dulang hantaran. There were some really tastefully done ones at SSF Home. He was even willing to sponsor me one. Truthfully, I was kinda tempted to take up his offer because I’d realised midway how much work it was. But I’m not a quitter, so with the help of my sister we finally completed it.

My sister and I quite like how it turned out. But bias may be clouding our judgment though, because my parents seem to think it’s nothing fantastic. Maybe the ones they’re used to are those gaudy, glittery, tragically overdone ones. Like I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of style understated. I like simple, classy designs. Oh well, I suppose you can’t satiate every taste bud.

So anyway, I’ve taken the day off work tomorrow to run some last minute errands, namely to collect my outfit that I sent for alteration, get some cosmetics and then continue spring cleaning at home.

Wish me luck!

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