What kind of decorator are you?

While we’re on the topic of housing, decor and the likes, here’s a fun quiz on Oprah to find out which decorator profile you belong to.

What Kind of Decorator Are You?

My score was 25, and this was my decorator profile:

“You don’t make outlandish decorating decisions, but your home is definitely you. Try experimenting with new looks, becoming even more responsive to your own vision and less driven by the approval of others.”

This is relatively true.

It’s true, I’m not an outlandish person. I do like to be different — but a brand that’s some levels safer than outrageous. And whilst I do tend to seek approval and attention, I’m one to do it subtly — not in a manner that demands attention.

I wonder what profile the other half belongs to.

Speaking of him! It’s been 57 days since his last post. *raises eyebrow*

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