Home, where the heart is.

Admittedly, there hasn’t been much development in research and preparation wedding-wise over the past few months.

And this is the case because our attention has been momentarily shifted to matters of housing! The mere mention of it makes me quiver with glee and excitement. I can already envision how the interior is going to be! What images can you conjure in your mind when I say industrial loft?

Last May saw us taking part in what was apparently the largest BTO exercise to date. We’ve applied for a 4-room flat at Pasir Ris Costa Ris, in which 688 4-room units are up for grabs.

Good news is we got a queue number below 688. Not so good news is that we’re the 515th in line.

Unless majority of the people ahead of us pull out or don’t follow up with their application (which I’m thinking isn’t so likely now, since MP Khaw Boon Wan has said in his blog post that a large number of applicants who participated in May’s BTO is made up of first-timers applying under the fiancé scheme, all probably eager to secure a house), we wouldn’t be able to get our ideal unit.

We do hope Costa Ris will go in our favour, but if not, we’re open to the prospect of a resale flat. Then maybe we can finally get a house near my parents in Woodlands. It’s the only way to get to stay near them anyway, since past BTO exercises in Woodlands have been for studio apartments and 3-room flats. And in old, run-down Marsiling. There’s just no more space for new flats in Woodlands.

Ideally though, only a brand new flat would be befitting for the start of this new chapter in our lives. It’ll be something we can build from scratch, a clean slate. No hacking away remnants of other people’s lives, some of which are built around some of the ugliest tiles and built-in cabinets — and having to pay for their lack in taste, to top it off.  *throws hands up in exasperation*

For now Woodlands and Pasir Ris are the only two options for us, or rather for me because yes, I’m picky like that. The boyfriend is more accommodating. But in my defense, it just makes more sense to stay near our parents, and in a familiar environment. A new neighbourhood could potentially contribute unnecessary stress — as if adjusting to living together isn’t going to be stressful enough.

So the latest news is that HDB has approved our housing loan application. Right now we’re in the riveting process of waiting for our flat selection. Thanks to the Mobile@HDB iPhone app, everyday is like an anxiety attack checking if the units we want are still available. To date, 65 units have been taken, leaving 623 units to choose from! Two months from now, who knows what we’ll be left with? I dread to imagine we’ll be stuck in a beggars-can’t-be-choosers rut.

Well, we’ll see.

But my mother always has this to say, and it never fails to comfort me (if even for a while, till she reminds me again): If something is meant to be yours, it’ll be yours no matter how many obstacles are standing in your way. No amount of stress can make something go the way you desire if it wasn’t meant to in the first place.

Meanwhile, we’ll try to enjoy this feeling of “domesticatedness” while it’s still new and exciting. We’ve even started looking at furniture!

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