Striking the deal.

It finally went down last Wednesday on the 11th of May 2011.

He fetched me from work and we headed to Earle Swensen’s Changi Airport, Terminal 3 where it was the….

(drumroll, please)


Or the Ask-for-your-daughter’s-hand-in-marriage session, if you will.

We’d made an appointment with my parents earlier, but our plans were thwarted by the boyfriend coming down with a case shingles on the very same day! What are the odds, right? It had probably developed days before but he only discovered a patch on his back a mere one hour before he was to meet my parents.

I was pretty bummed that we had to reschedule it, and not to mention the fact that I couldn’t see him for two whole weeks!

He was so paranoid that my parents would think he had cold feet that he sent me a picture of his shingles to show them. Ugh, not a pretty sight I tell you.

Anyway it wasn’t the first time he met my parents, but it wasn’t the millionth time either. Although we’ve been together for almost 8 years, I can probably count their meetings with one hand — and that was how we intended it.

He asked for my parents’ blessings on the journey that we were going to embark on, and showed them the engagement ring he bought me. We also shared with them the plans we’ve carved out for ourselves and our visions for the future.

All in all, it went fantastic. Both my mom and dad were nice to him, and he, handled everything pretty smoothly for someone who was nervous. I know I could never handle it as well as he did if I were in his position, given the ginormous bundle of nerves that I am. My dad did catch him off-guard with a few questions like “So what do you like about my daughter? List ten reasons” and “What do you see in marriage?“, but he somehow managed it. My parents did well too, first-timers in this business of meeting future sons- and daughters-in-law.

Besides the “interview”, my parents mostly gave us advice on marriage and bringing up a family — issues that we’re bound to come across in the near- and long-term.

After everything was over (or rather, had just begun ;p), I asked my parents what they think of my choice of a husband-to-be. They said they trusted him to be the one to take care of me because of the level of responsibility and dedication he has toward his own family. Him being a nurse was also a plus point because it showed my parents he was someone with a compassionate nature.

My dad even remarked that “it would be good to have him as a son”, to which I almost teared. I feel so blessed that they approve of him.

Dear God, please smoothen our journey from here on out.

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