Decisions, decisions.

As much as I am excited about getting married, it’s a bit overwhelming to think that there will be so many decisions to be made over the next two years. And then some. Oh boy, and then some.

It’s as if life is just finally beginning. Marriage makes the past 25 years feel like preparation. It’s so surreal. The decisions that lie ahead, when compared to the decisions I’ve had to make, makes the latter seem so minuscule, so microscopic.

With marriage, every decision I make is a responsibility toward my husband. And if we decide to have children, the decisions we make are responsibilities toward them, so that they, in turn can make responsible decisions for themselves and then their children, and so on.

Every decision just gets weightier, in that it contributes bit by bit to the bigger picture. Every decision is lesser and lesser about me as an individual.

A humbling thought.

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