Ground rules.

For the longest time, our mothers thought that cooking, cleaning and ironing were responsibilities and obligations toward their husbands — basically being at their beck and call.

And our fathers, for the longest time, believed the role of a wife was to serve them after they come home and put food on the table.

It’s high time these notions be dispelled.

I’ve seen women suffer silently but force themselves to swallow the bitter pill all because they believed it was in a wife’s duty to serve her husband. By the time they realise the truth about a wife’s responsibilities, it’ll be too hard to turn things around. This false notion would’ve grown roots so deep in the marriage that it would’ve already become a lifestyle.

No way am I going to let any man — not even my own husband — treat me like a servant, and that is a vow to myself. If I am to do anything, it will be out of love and my own free will.

That, is love — one that is voluntary. And love first begins with me.

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