The Regimen Update #1

I’ve decided to stop the benzoyl peroxide treatment for the time being. Three or four days into The Regimen my skin became unbearably itchy and I couldn’t bear to slap on some more BP because it felt like I was setting my skin on fire.

I may have made the mistake of starting out with too much BP. Although the amount that I put on was the recommended amount for beginners, it may have been for people with more severe acne. Or maybe my skin was just more sensitive. I acknowledge — everyone’s skin is different.

The itchiness went away about two or three days after I stopped the BP, and my skin is now recovering from the dryness. I’m still pretty positive about The Regimen, so I’ll try it again in a few days, starting by treating just the affected areas first. All that dryness from the first try has pretty much zapped away most of the white-filled pustules I mentioned in my earlier post, leaving a pimple or two that surfaced just recently.

Hopefully it’ll work this time.

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