Today we made our first wedding-related purchase — The Engagement Ring.

Yes we shopped for it together, so there won’t be any of that drop to one knee kinda proposal. Reason being: 1) well, technically I was the one who proposed and 2) we’re talking a guy who’s by nature two hundred percent more likely to walk into a Challenger than a Cartier. Go figure.

Initially before we had made any concrete plans to wed, we both agreed that there wasn’t a need to get engaged. We were already in a long and serious relationship, and our families knew we were together, so there was no need for him to make a “reservation”.

But somehow after we started planning dates, the boyfriend changed his mind and decided it’d be nice to be engaged before the wedding.

I didn’t think it’s necessary but one person doesn’t make a relationship, so I gave in. The last time I checked, we were still on the same page about not wanting a big engagement ceremony, so that’s a good thing. You know how some parents like to dictate the planning process of their children’s weddings? So far I don’t think both our families are like that. But as our married friends would advise us, it’s still too early to say. Before you know it you may even have traditional aunts and uncles meddling in the process, they say.

After much thought, I figured this engagement would be a good way to get both our families acquainted. After all, they’ve never met.

And then the other good thing, would be of course, getting a ring out of the whole engagement shebang. Now this, I certainly wouldn’t mind. Enter huge grin.

This engagement ring he’s presenting me is made even more special due to the fact that it’s the first ever ring I’ll be receiving from him. We’ve never been fans of couple rings precisely for this reason: we both want our first rings to be symbols of the most significant milestone in our relationship, our wedding.

And rightly so, I’m nothing short of exhilarated!

Looking for the perfect ring was, to put it simply, not an easy task. I learnt that there definitely IS such a thing as ‘too much bling’, as my experience returning from ring shopping with a headache would tell you.

But maybe I’ll share that experience with you in another post.

Counting down two weeks to the collection of my engagement ring. Can hardly wait!

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