Twists of fate.

So the time has finally come where I document thoughts and preparation leading up to an historical event in my life — my wedding!

Even before I had planned to get married, I was already taking note of worthy wedding vendors that I’d come across in other people’s wedding. On and off I’d also visit their wedding blogs.

I haven’t always wanted to “get married so soon”, though.

Whenever people ask me, “When are you getting married?”, my answer was always, “Not any time soon”.

Funny, how fate unravels.

Just one month ago I was still quite stubbornly under the impression that I wasn’t going to get married until I became someone. Until I had reached my goals. Until I had seen the world. Until I had reached a financial state that would allow my future family to live comfortably in an above average lifestyle.

But the tsunami in Japan happened. They were airing documentaries of the 2004 asian tsunamis again. I was moved by stories of families sticking together in hard times and how at that precise moment nothing else mattered except the ones you loved.

It reminded me how fragile and precious life is. How short life is. Whilst career and financial goals are indeed important, I began to question myself why marriage was so far down my list. Was marriage unimportant to me? I knew that wasn’t the case, but it seemed that I was putting everything else before marriage and I wanted to have achieved a many great things before I finally settled down.

Why was this? If I really wanted something that much, surely being married wouldn’t stop me.

And it was upon this realisation that I decided to stop being selfish. The boyfriend and I have casually talked about marriage before and although he’s never pressured me into tying the knot, it would be selfish if I asked him to wait while I chased my own dreams, not allowing him to be part of that process.

For some reason it was unfathomable to me that I could share my dreams with him and that we could support each other in making both our dreams come true. It took me this long to realise it’s inevitable that I share my dreams with him anyway, because this was, from the start, the man I knew I’d marry someday.

So I embraced marriage.

In revealing to him my enlightenment, I had indirectly popped the question to him. I had proposed to him! Well, sort of.

He was shocked that my perception of marriage had taken an overnight haul, but more importantly he was thrilled.

After giving it thought, we decided to get engaged this October on our 8th year anniversary, followed by the wedding on our 10th.

Sums up 10 years of loving nicely, don’t you think? ;)

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